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The primary difference between a WhatsApp Verified Business and a WhatsApp Official Verified Business is that, when sending a message from a WhatsApp Official Verified Business, the outbound message is labelled as being sent from the name of that business (rather than a provisioned/registered phone number).


Users will see a green check mark next to the name of the business when they receive such messages, informing them that the business is an official verified business on WhatsApp.


Refer to this FAQ from WhatsApp for information on how to get an Official business account:


A business account on WhatsApp can either be listed as an Official business account or a regular Business account. A business can't request or pay to turn a business account into an official business account. At this time, only certain business accounts are listed as official business accounts. Listing a business as an official business account is based on a variety of factors, such as whether the brand is notable.


Following a series of client rejections, Sinch has requested further official guidance from WhatsApp regarding business verification. WhatsApp have committed to refine and publish their approval criteria and we will provide a link to this here as soon as we receive it.


The business can submit a request to Sinch to have Meta review/approve the “Official Verified Business Account” after their phone number has been provisioned.


Learn more about the Sinch WhatsApp Business API.

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