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Utility templates are used to initiate utility conversations. These templates and conversations are limited to specific actions and notifications (for example, a message confirming a transaction, or a message reminding you when a payment is due).


Beginning October 30, 2023, the utility conversation category is being expanded to include interactions that may have previously required another type of conversation. From that date forward, you will be able to use utility template messages to:

  • Manage user-requested opt-ins

  • Provide feedback surveys for previous transactions

  • Continue conversations started by users in other channels

While the category is being expanded, utility conversations must still be associated with a specific interaction. Additionally, utility templates must include information that identifies the interaction to which the message corresponds (for example, an order confirmation must contain an order number).


Note: If a template includes a mix of utility content and marketing content, it will be classified as a marketing template.


For more information on this template type, see the utility templates section of WhatsApp's Guidelines for utility, authentication and marketing templates.

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