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Certain types of content are not allowed on toll-free numbers. Here is a list of what NOT to send via text from your business’s toll-free number:


  • High-risk financial services: Promotion of high-risk financial services is not allowed on toll-free numbers. This includes payday loans, short-term-high interest loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, student loans, third-party lending programs, gambling, sweepstakes, stock alerts, and cryptocurrency. However, if your content is account-related or is not promoting disallowed content (like a casino promoting a dinner show or an OTP for account login), it may be okay.
  • “Get rich quick” schemes: This includes content related to or promoting work from home programs, risk investment opportunities, and multi-level marketing.
  • Third-party debt collection: This includes third-party debt collection and consolidation. Examples include debt reduction, debt forgiveness, and credit repair programs.
  • Controlled substances: This includes federally illegal drugs, such as medical marijuana and cannabis dispensaries (even if legal in your state).
  • SHAFT content: SHAFT stands for Sex, Hate, Alcohol, Firearms, and Tobacco. Examples include pornographic or sexually explicit content, profanity or hate speech, products containing alcohol, content related to guns or other weapons, and tobacco products (including vape, cigars, and smoke/vape shops). *
  • Indirect marketing: Only direct marketing content is allowed on toll-free numbers. Promotions must come directly from the brand, not sent by a third party. Lead generation (selling or sharing customer opt-in data with third parties) is also not allowed.

All of the above categories are considered disallowed content on toll-free numbers. 


*Alcohol-related content is allowed to be sent from toll-free numbers to US destinations with an age gate. An acceptable age gate would consist of, at minimum, a recipient entering a day, month, and year confirming their age at messaging opt-in prior to receiving messaging. A tick box, check box, or age gate that asks if the recipient is over a certain age is not considered an acceptable age gate. At this time any content that requires age gating is not allowed to be sent from toll-free numbers to Canadian destinations.

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