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All business information you provide for Toll-Free sender verification is intended to identify the true message sender using the Toll-Free number, i.e. the end-business. The end-business is the company that is creating and sending out the message. In most cases, if you are an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) or Reseller, you should NOT provide your own business info for Toll-Free sender verification. 


Remember, it is important to provide the end-business info for Toll-Free sender verification! Here are some tips to help you tell the difference between an ISV/Reseller or end-business:


The end-business is...

  • The business that the Toll-Free number is assigned to
  • The business the handset is interacting with
  • The content creator
  • The entity generally collecting and managing opt-in
  • A single entity, but may have multiple locations or agents.
  • The business that is using messaging to further the business's main objectives or goals.

An ISV/Reseller...

  • Is generally a software or application that provides messaging services to a group or subset of businesses
  • May provide other services, such as functioning as a business’s CRM, billing/invoicing platform
  • Uses messaging to further their customer’s business objectives.


Note: In some cases, an ISV/Reseller that the end-business is leveraging is actually the content sender and would be the business info you provide for Toll-Free sender verification.


An ISV/Reseller may be the end-business if...

  • the ISV is wholly and unquestionably the content creator, typically evidenced through immutable templates provided to their customers.
  • the ISV collects and manage opt-in in its entirety.

Only provide ISV/Reseller business info for Toll-Free sender verification if the business entity meets the above criteria!

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