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  • Avoid using public URL shorteners like, and tinyurl. Public URL shorteners are used by many spammers and thus they are mostly blocked on toll-free numbers. It is recommended that you create a custom URL shortener that is only used by your brand and should ensure that you include this detail in your submittal when you send your campaign information to Sinch.
  • Ensure you have a valid opt-in from your user base. Opt-in is essential when messaging any of your consumers.
  • Consider having a double opt-in process whereby you are ensuring your customers are completing the necessary steps to opt-in to your campaign.
  • Support HELP and STOP commands. Just like when using a short code, ensure customers receive information when they text in HELP, and ensure they’re opted-out of your campaigns when they send in STOP to your TFN.
  • Use one TFN for your messaging. Do not use several different TFN’s to message your consumers.  This is a bad practice and will most likely get you shut down at the carriers.  Use one TFN and if you use it correctly, you should never have a problem.
  • Set expectations with your customer on the frequency of messaging. Sending too many will result in higher than average opt-out rates.  Set the expectation with the consumer and stick to it.

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