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Long Codes (LC) were designed to support P2P (Person to Person) messages – with a relatively low throughput of messages.


Short Codes (SC) were designed to support A2P (Application to Person) bulk, higher throughput messaging – this a preapproved route, which eliminates filtering.


Over time, demand for and use of messaging channels has changed. A2P messages are being sent on Long Codes, and some Short Code based campaigns support P2P like experiences with the application only hosting the consent and communication experience. The carriers have stepped in to get better control of the traffic on their networks in effort to increase security and deliverability.


If you have any questions about which type of number is right for you, please contact Sinch.


Take a look at the Sinch SMS Product page for more product information, or click here to sign up to our self-service portal and get started today.

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