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The Messaging Team at Sinch wants to offer some suggestions for best practices for sending during the highest messaging periods of the year.  To ensure the best deliverability with the lowest latency we have increased our SMS and MMSC platform capacity for extra headroom and worked with our MNO partners to add additional capacity to support the large volume of traffic expected during the busy period leading up to and thru Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  There are also some simple steps offered below you can take to maintain high deliverability during the busy retail holiday periods.  



  • Black Friday: November 24, 2023 

  • Cyber Monday: November 27, 2023 



  1. Avoid sending at top of the hour. That is when MNO networks are busiest
  2. Consider alternate sending times during peak MNO Network Sending times. 930am-3pm EST
  3. Use Shorter delivery validity period (where our apis support this)
  4. Avoid using multipart messages if possible.


Special Considerations for 10DLC

  • All 10DLC traffic MUST be properly registered sending into the USA.
  • Send within your brand’s and campaign’s sending limits.
  • Please review our 10DLC Messaging FAQ's for more guidance on sending limits and registration.



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