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Registering an alphanumeric sender ID from the Sinch Customer Dashboard is quick and easy!

Log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard and select SMS from the left menu.

Sender Registration.jpg


From the SMS menu, select Sender IDs > GET STARTED and follow the steps outlined below:


  1. Select an existing business profile or create a new one:

    Sender Registration Step 1.jpg

    A Business Profile consists of four asset types:
    - Company details
    - Company address
    - Contacts
    - Attachments.
    Once you have saved your business profile, you can re-use these assets on all your future requests. Click NEXT STEP.

  2. Select destination from 35+ markets:

    Sender Registration Step 2.jpg

    You may be asked some additional questions based upon the market that you select. Click NEXT STEP.

  1. Add sender ID details:

    Sender Registration Step 3.jpg

    Click NEXT STEP.

  2. Add business information:

    Sender Registration Step 4.jpg

    Click NEXT STEP.

  3. An Attachment step may be included depending on which destination market you have selected. This can be used to attach NOC letters and other documents when required (templates available).

  4. Add searchable tags to help with filtering requests:

    Sender Registration Step 5.jpg

    Click NEXT STEP.

  5. You will be notified by email of updates to your request to the email addresses in your profile. You can also specify any additional emails to track changes and receive status alerts and notifications:

    Sender Registration Step 6.jpg

    To submit your alphanumeric sender ID registration request, click SUBMIT REQUEST or if you want to save your current process and comeback to it later click SAVE AS DRAFT.

A confirmation message is displayed informing you that your Sender ID request has been submitted and is under review. You will receive an email when the status changes. More information on the completion date will be provided within 2 working days.

The Sender ID registration page will show the details of your request:

Sender ID Registration Page.jpg


To view, edit or delete your request, click on the corresponding Sender ID.

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