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This article outlines some of the more common mistakes when using SMPP and can serve as a checklist of common misconfigurations.



The interface_version, must be declared, most often 0x34 if your ESME supports SMPP version 3.4.



source_addr_ton, Type of number needs to match the source_addr:

TON Value


International 0x01
National 0x02
Network Specific 0x03
Subscriber Number 0x04
Alphanumeric 0x05


source_addr_npi, Numeric Plan Indicator needs to match the source_addr:


NPI Value
Unknown 0x00
For example, the sender ID Sinch requires 0x05/0x00 while 467012345678 requires 0x01/0x01.
dest_addr_ton and dest_addr_npi should be set to 0x01/0x01 as the receiving address is always an International MSISDN.
data_coding, commonly referred to as the DCS-value. Most often 0x00 for SMSC Default alphabet (GSM-7) or 0x08 for Unicode/UCS2.
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