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KakaoTalk is a messaging app that is widely used in South Korea. When you have a business registered in South Korea, a business can register a KakaoTalk Business Channel which will allow the business to send both notification or advertisement messages to their customers on the KakaoTalk messaging app. 


When a user has given the business their mobile number, it's possible to try and send a message to the user on KakaoTalk, for example, a welcome message. If the user is not registered on KakaoTalk, it can fallback to SMS so the business will reach them in any case.


The business can also receive a delivery receipt by subscribe the callback trigger - MESSAGE DELIVERY from the Conversation API and a reason will be sent if it failed to deliver:

"reason": {
      "code": "BAD_REQUEST",
      "description": "The underlying channel reported: 3008: Phone number error",
      "sub_code": "UNSPECIFIED_SUB_CODE"


If an advertisement message is sent and the user is not a "friend" to the KakaoTalk Business Channel then a reason will return as below:

    "reason": {
      "code": "CHANNEL_REJECT",
      "description": "The underlying channel reported: 3018: Unable to send messages (invalid or broken KakaoTalk user)",
      "sub_code": "UNSPECIFIED_SUB_CODE"


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