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AlimTalk is a type of message that can be initiated by the business to KakaoTalk user without adding the user as friends of the channel. Messages are sent based on mobile phone numbers. The business can use this message type when they want to send personalized informational messages such as orders, payments, and delivery. The template for the message must be registered and approved by KakaoTalk in advance. Please check on Kakao  Business website for the latest template guide and image guide.


Messages can include 1,000 characters (Korean or English) including spaces, and up to 5 call-to-action buttons can be added when sending with Sinch Conversation API. The business can add their company logo or an icon to create a branded message. For example:




The Sinch Developer Documentation site contains comprehensive documentation and tutorials, which show you how we support KakaoTalk using the Sinch Conversation API.

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