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The Conversation API provides support for KakaoTalk channel. To start using KakaoTalk, you need to first have KakaoTalk Business Channel ID configured with KakaoTalk. 


If you do not already have a existing KakaoTalk Channel, then follow the steps below:


  1. The first step is to create a KakaoTalk Channel. Navigate to the Kakao for Business sign up page to register:

    FAQ10 - Fig 1.png

    Note: You must have a personal KakaoTalk account before you can create a Channel.

    Use your personal KakaoTalk account details to login to Kakao for Business.
  1. If you have not joined Kakao for business before, then you need to complete the conversion to a Kakao Business integrated member, to start using the KakaoTalk Channel:

    FAQ10 - Fig 2b.png

    Enter name and the phone number of the user who will be the administrator for the channel.
  1. Once you have logged in, select the Add New Channel option from the left panel:

    FAQ10 - Fig 3b.png

  2. A form is displayed where you can add information for the new channel:

    FAQ10 - Fig 4c.png
    Enter the following information:

1 - Channel Name

The name displayed as a representative in the channel home, chat tab, and chat window. Please enter a name that matches your brand name as much as possible. Only Korean, English, numeric, and special characters (#!&?-_,.()) can be used.


2 - Search ID

It is used as a search term to find my channel on KakaoTalk. Create a special ID that is easy to memorize and distinguishes you from other channels.


3 - Profile picture

Please register your profile picture according to the recommended size (640 x 640px) so that it can be displayed properly on KakaoTalk.


4 - Category

Choosing the right category can expose you to more users. Please select a category that best describes the channel's personality.


5 - Preview

Shows a preview of your new KakaoTalk channel.


Once you have completed the form, click the Submit button (highlighted in red above). Your KakaoTalk channel is created.


To leverage the messaging capabilities of Sinch Conversation API with KakaoTalk, you need a KakaoTalk Business Channel.


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