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When connecting your Instagram business account to your Conversation API app, you may experience one of the following common errors:


The Instagram account is not connected to the selected Facebook Page


This indicates that you selected a Facebook Page that's not configured to connect with the corresponding Instagram account. Make sure that the Facebook Page and Instagram business account are connected by following these steps.


The user selected more than one Page to associate with this app


This indicates that more than one new viable setup was configured. Make sure that you select only one available (that is, unselected) Instagram account and one available (that is, unselected) Facebook Page when configuring the Instagram channel. Do not edit any other existing selections, as you may invalidate other Conversation API apps.


The user didn't select any Page or the app doesn't have permission to list the user's Pages


This indicates that you didn't select any Pages during the login process. Make sure that you select a single Instagram account and a single Facebook Page when configuring your Instagram channel on the Conversation API.


This error may also occur if the Conversation API app wasn't given the required permissions during the final login step. Make sure all permissions are enabled.


The Facebook login worked and the integration is active. However, messages are not being received in the registered webhook


This could occur for a few reasons:


  • The connection between the Instagram business account and Facebook Page could be misconfigured. Please ensure that the Facebook Page is allowed to access Instagram messages by following the instructions here.

  • You may have integrated this Facebook Page with another app before. To check this,  navigate to the Settings section of your Facebook Page. Then, select Advanced Messaging and click Instagram receiver. Ensure that your Conversation API app is set as the primary receiver.

  • Connected tools may not be enabled. Ensure that you've set your connected tools to Allow Access to Messages.


The Page is already configured in another Conversation API App


This indicates that the Page you selected is already configured in another Conversation API app. If you wish to connect this Page to your current app, remove the existing Instagram integration from the other Conversation API app. For information on how to remove an Instagram integration, click here.


(#200) The account owner has disabled access to instagram direct messages.


This is an error message that is provided by Meta. In the context of your Conversation API app, this may mean that your app's access to Instagram's messaging functionality has not been enabled for your Instagram business account. Verify that tools that are connected to your Instagram account have access to Instagram Messages. To do so, follow the instructions here and ensure that "Allow access to Messages" has been enabled.


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