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A NNID (NetNumber ID) is a unique number assigned by NetNumber (the leading organisation for telecommunications standards), which defines which carrier a number belongs to.

The NNID has a number of important benefits:

  • Uniquely identifies the service provider for a particular dialled number
  • Supports global portability correction, meaning that a number can be dialled from anywhere in the world.
  • Supports global code-range data
  • Supports North American MVNO-OTT override data for text messaging.

An NNID is a 6 digit number which is split into two segments:

  • digits 1-3 digits represent country code
  • digits 4-6 are sequentially assigned service provider ID.

NNIDs are maintained by the NetNumber Global Data Services team. They were originally created to ensure mobile networks had a common global standard to refer to Communication Service Providers.


Since its inception, the NNID naming convention has shot up in popularity to become the industry gold standard. Netnumber GDS maintains the Global Carrier Mapping Registry (GCMR). As one of the world’s most widely utilized carrier identification databases, its job is to store data on communications service providers in over 240 countries globally.


NNID at Sinch

For developers working with Sinch API, NNIDs come in useful when importing numbers. The Sinch platform assigns a new NNID to each imported number. This enables you to retain information such as which Service Provider the number belongs to.



Customers who are importing numbers (i.e. want to use their own NNID) to text enable their numbers, will need to complete the NNID provisioning process to support proper message routing with the carriers. To learn more, refer to the article Importing Numbers. The Numbers API has a range of API resources to enable Sinch developers to use their existing NNID numbers.


Visit the Sinch 10DLC Product Page to learn more or if you need more help with 10DLC or have any questions, contact Sinch, who will be happy help!

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