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MSISDN (Mobile Subscriber Integrated Services Digital Network number) is the term used to describe a mobile number in an international format. However, the MSISDN is not a direct mapping to a mobile handset, or even to the SIM card. An MSISDN allows an SMSC to determine the country and mobile operator a subscriber number belongs to; and from there, the SMSC can query the mobile operator’s HLR (Home Location Register) for information used to route the SMS to the handset.


MSISDN and Sinch APIs


In our APIs, only MSISDNs in international format are accepted.


MSISDNs can be sent in with or without a leading + (so therefore, +123456789 or 123456789 are both valid) or with a leading 00. Any space, dash or bracket will also be ignored by the API.


All MSISDNs returned by the REST API will be without a + or 00 prefix, even if they were sent in with one.

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