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Your account manager is typically assigned when you create a new dashboard account. 


Based on your business needs, your account manager may occasionally switch. If there is active communication between you and your account manager, you'll likely get an email from Sinch with new account manager contact information. The contact info will be updated in the Sinch Customer Dashboard as well. 


Find your account manager on the Customer Dashboard

  1. Login (or sign up) to the Sinch Customer Dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Settings on the sidebar (left menu). The Account details page will appear. There you will find the email address for your account manager.

    If no account manager is listed, contact us.


Using our Beta Customer Dashboard? 

If you're using the beta experience of our Customer Dashboard:


  1. Click the profile icon.

  2. Then click Account settings to access the same page as above. 

    Note: If no account manager is listed, contact us.
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