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Getting Aborted 412 intermittently when sending messages

New Contributor

When sending a message to the same recipient, I sometimes get a status Aborted with error code 412 in my delivery report.

From my understanding, this error code represents the following: SMSC rejected the message. The account hasn't been provisioned for this region.

However, upon retires, the message can be successfully delivered as well. If my account hasn't been provisioned for the region, then this should not be the case.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, thank you for reaching out!

It sounds like you're working with the SMS API. It also looks like you've already reviewed our Delivery report error codes documentation for the SMS API.

As you pointed out, getting intermittent 412  errors on messages sent from the same account to the same recipient seems inconsistent with the error as documented. I've reached out to our SMS API development team for more information and context. We will add another response to this post with that information once we get it. We'll also make sure to update the documentation if required.

Thank you again for reaching out!

Sam Williams, Sinch Documentation Engineer

Community Manager
Community Manager

Note: This user was contacted via direct message and their issue was resolved. A summary of that resolution is included below for future reference.


During testing, a high volume of messages were sent within a few seconds. These messages had the same body, were sent to the same recipient, and were from the same originator.


The first messages went through, but then loop prevention was activated, and the following messages were rejected. Once these messages were no longer being sent, loop prevention was deactivated. Then, a new test message reached the recipient upon retry.


To avoid loop prevention, try to limit the number of identical messages sent in a short period of time.

Sam Williams, Sinch Documentation Engineer