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Welcome to the Developer Forum!

The Developer Forum is your place to find answers, ask questions, share experiences with other Sinch developers and learn about Sinch products and services. The Developer forum is part of the wider Sinch Support Community, which comprises detailed su...


Getting a Error code 60

I am using Sinch to send SMS messages to my devloper's registered phone number. I have been sending without problem for months, but since 4/24 I started to get error 60, my messages blocked. Status: Failed Error code - 60, Permanent Description: Erro...

msoong by New Contributor
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Common SMS error codes

The table below lists some common SMS error codes with explanation of why they occur: Error code Description Explanation 153 Absent Subscriber Subscriber handset not connected to the network. Likely turned off or outside the area of coverage. 150 Unk...

Getting Aborted 412 intermittently when sending messages

When sending a message to the same recipient, I sometimes get a status Aborted with error code 412 in my delivery report. From my understanding, this error code represents the following: SMSC rejected the message. The account hasn't been provisioned ...

kishen by New Contributor
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Resolved! Messages Not Delivered

I am new to Sinch and I am having some difficulty. My messages (test messages) indicate they have been sent but the never arrive on my phone. I tried to send a batch the other day, it the system says they have been sent but when I Iook at the status,...

ecs1927 by Occasional Contributor
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Resolved! Issue retrieving incoming messages

Hello. I'm having an issue retrieving incoming messages using the SMS API. When using the Python example in here, with the service plan id, api token, and url displayed in my dashboard, I receive only an empty list. Just in case, I checked that there...