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Businesses want to deliver the best customer experience at any time and on any device during the customer journey. When customers have queries, they expect to get responses instantly without delay, whether it’s a simple question or not. Using a simple chatbot for commonly asked questions allows you to free up your resources to optimize the number of agents you need to provide an efficient service.


Smart Conversations is collection of add-on features for Conversation API that passes received messages to the Sinch proprietary Machine Learning (ML) API engine. Depending on the features enabled, the ML engine will collect and analyse the message and, based on the type of message received, Smart Conversations can send “intelligent” automated responses. With these analyses, your conversations with your customers instantly become more effective and insightful. Reducing response times leads to a superior customer experience and more motivated agents.


Smart Conversation is powered by Machine Learning, a subset of AI. It may sound complex but, at Sinch, we understand your business and your messaging needs. The integration is seamless, so there is no development work required. All features can be configured in the Conversation API app on Sinch Customer Dashboard. The messaging analysis will be sent to the customers via a webhook in real-time.


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