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One of the main challenges with chat messaging channels is that they require data connectivity to use. If the customer you’re engaging with doesn’t have access to mobile networks or wi-fi then in this case you can use failover which allows you to set rules so that if the user device does not receive the message you can automatically switch to SMS, and then return to social channels when they have full connectivity.


Similarly, if it’s an important alert or notification that you need to make sure the user has seen – such as one-time password, or an account breach, in this case too you can utilize fallback or failover rules so that, if the customer doesn’t receive or view the message, then you can automatically switch to another channel.


The Sinch Conversation API allows you to make sure urgent messages are quickly received by giving you the option to set conditional fallback channels to ensure the user can always read the message.


Learn more about Sinch Conversation API.

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