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Urgent: Certificate renewal for Contact Pro Cloud


The current certificate is expiring and needs to be renewed. While renewing, we will also change the issuer from DigiCert to Sectigo. Both DigiCert and Sectigo are widely trusted certificate authorities, but it is Sinch company policy to use Sectigo certificates.


New certificates will be taken into use during the upcoming quarterly maintenance window (starting January 20th, 2024).


With the new certificate, the issuer for is changing from Digicert CA to USERTrust RSA Certification Authority (friendly name Sectigo).  Therefore, you need to ensure that the new issuer is trusted on agents´ workstations and systems using integrations, such as OII, RI, and SIP trunks.
NOTE: Please inform your SIP trunk provider of this change. If you are using corporate SIP server please ensure Sectigo certificate is trusted.


USERTrust RSA Certification Authority root certificate (friendly name Sectigo) is globally known, trusted, and typically is already installed by default in Windows and MacOS environments.


Please find the root certificate attached as well as an intermediate certificate in case it is required by your application. Download the certificate(s) and install those per your company policies to the trusted root and intermediate certificate stores on your environment. 

NOTE: After downloading the file(s), change the extension from .txt to .cer.


To test the certificate trust, click the test page

If your certificate is not valid, there will be Not Secure alert in address bar.




If the certificates are not properly installed, the connections to * addresses will fail after the quarterly maintenance.