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Creating a different channel experience will be essential in providing a tailored user experience. It is important to consider the limitations of each channel when designing your messaging strategy. Here is a channel comparison to help you determine the most appropriate message types for each channel:
Message typeWhatsAppWebchatFacebookTelegram
Text message
Buttonsmax. 10 buttonsmax. 10 buttonsmax. 3 buttonsmax. 3 buttons
WhatsApp list 🚫🚫🚫


Special restrictions on buttons

About buttons, please bear in mind:

  • URL and Call buttons do not work on WhatsApp. Instead, please use the Go-to buttons.
  • WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, are limited to 20 characters for buttons titles.
  • Facebook and Telegram buttons can be max 3, whereas WhatsApp and Webchat can have up to 10 buttons.

If you need to include more than 3 buttons for different channels, consider the following approaches:

  • For WhatsApp, use WhatsApp Lists Messages to offer more than 3 options.
  • For Facebook, use the Carousel which allows more than 3 options. 
  • For Webchat, you can use buttons to provide options more than 3. 
  • For Telegram, optimize options beyond 3 using intents and numbers. 


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