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For business messaging on Long Codes, Carriers have extended the grace period to help enterprises and SMS aggregators register all A2P Long Code SMS messaging traffic and move to sanctioned 10DLC routes. While there is no definitive deadline, there have been several deadlines that have come and gone to aid users in moving over their traffic to sanctioned A2P routes. Additionally, there are carrier fines in place today that outline if you are purposely evading A2P 10DLC routes, you can get fined, thus it is very advantageous to move all unregistered long code traffic over to A2P sanctioned routes. 

Shared Short Codes, on the other hand, have been disallowed for a long time now and if you haven't moved traffic off of the shared short codes and on to other A2P sanctioned senders, you are at severe risk of getting your Shared Short Code shut down. If you have not moved traffic off of shared short codes you must do this as soon as possible.


Heavy filtering has also be implemented by the major carriers on grey routes (routes used for the delivery of unauthorized international A2P traffic), which will negatively affect your messaging.


As a reminder, please note Shared Short Codes that are not controlled by a single message sender/content will be at risk of termination.


Need more help with 10DLC? Contact Sinch, who will be happy help!

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