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When you register a Brand you can choose to get a trust score (also known as a RISQ score, vetting score, Brand score, or reputation score) from an independent rating agency as part of the vetting process. Trust scores range from 1-100 and are required for Brand verification purposes.


Your trust score, combined with your use case and your traffic volumes, helps carriers determine throughput per second (TPS) and daily messaging cap for your 10DLC campaigns. A higher score could lead to higher TPS.


In most cases the TPS for trustworthy, non-spam use cases will be much higher for 10DLC numbers than other traffic types – up to 30 transactions per second (TPS) as opposed to 1 TPS for P2P long codes for business uses.


Things to note:

 - When you register your Brand you do not need to go through vetting and get a Brand score. You can run a campaign without a "score", you'll just be in the lowest tiers on certain carriers.

- If you want to run at a higher rate, before you register your campaign, get your Brand vetted.  You can either go through a standard vet or an enhanced vet. A Standard vet is very similar to running a credit check. Your Brand name, tax ID, address must be exactly the way it is on your tax filing.  If it isn't, it will negatively effect your score.  An Enhanced vet digs in deeper to your organization, it's owners, business practices, lawsuits, etc.  There is no guarantee that an Enhanced vet will increase your score.


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