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Standard campaigns are generally available to TCR-registered Brands, meaning that approval for a campaign will most probably not require pre/post-registration approval from the MNOs. 


Special campaigns are sensitive or critical in nature and, as a result, may require pre/post-registration approval by the MNOs. Vetting or MNO approval may be required before a Brand can register Special Use-Case Campaigns. Brands must be either vetted or receive MNO approval to be able to send Special Use Cases Campaigns. Vetting can be carried on or imported directly through the TCR portal. 


Note: T-Mobile/Sprint require 'Special Business Review' for special use-cases or any brands that need higher daily SMS limit. Sinch submits the form and request approval on behalf of your brand.


Visit the Sinch 10DLC Product Page to learn more about how Sinch can help you increase delivery rates and get higher throughput in comparison with long numbers, using 10DLC.

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