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The SMS message is sent successfully, but the content of the SMS is replaced, what is the problem?

New Contributor

Hello, I'm having a problem.😫

The text message I sent was replaced with "This is a test message for Sinch. Reply 'Stop' to stop".

Using the online test provided by Sinch, the SMS content is normal, and if it is sent by API , the SMS content is replaced.

What caused this?🤔 


New Contributor

😂I know .

Because my account is in trial mode SMS content is locked, upgrading the account will solve the problem.

Hi Chaoyang,

Yes you are correct. As you are using a trial account, you can only send unrestricted text messages to your own verified numbers in SMS, otherwise the content will be replaced by a test template.

Once you have upgraded your account this restriction will be lifted and you will be able to send your own content.


Read the following article to learn how to upgrade your account.


Thanks and kind regards,

Shahzad Ismail
Head of Knowledge Management and Community Engagement, Sinch