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There are different statuses for phone numbers that usually refer to its connection status (for example, Connected, Offline, etc.). Occasionally, a phone number may show one of two particular statuses that are related to quality and messaging limits: Flagged and Restricted.

  • Flagged - When the quality rating reaches a low state, the phone number is moved to a Flagged status. If the message quality improves to a high or medium state and continues to maintain this for the next 7 days, the phone number will return to a Connected status. If the quality rating does not improve, the number will return to a Connected status but with a lower messaging limit imposed on it.
  • Restricted - Phone numbers that reach their messaging limit are moved to a Restricted status. During a Restricted phase, the number will be unable to send any notification messages until the 24-hour window for sending messages is reset. They can still respond to any messages initiated by users.

You will receive a notification in the Business Manager if a phone number status from your WhatsApp business account(s) changes to Flagged or Restricted. If your messaging limit changes, you will also receive a notification about this change.


Other phone number statuses include:

  • Pending - This is when a business first sets up a phone number that hasn’t yet been registered.
  • Connected - The phone number is online and functioning normally.
  • Offline - The phone number is currently not reachable by WhatsApp servers or is not otherwise online.

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