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Mobile messaging using WhatsApp Business offers many advantages to the businesses that choose to use it. Clearly the most obvious ones being reach and engagement. With 2 billion people around the world already using the WhatsApp platform it’s a bit of a no brainer. And when it comes to engagement, the delivery, open and conversion rates are off the chart.


But what else is on offer? Check out this list of benefits that WhatsApp business boasts:

  • Trusted – Your customers are already using WhatsApp, so you’re not asking them to download a new app or learn to use a new platform – it’s something they already have in their life and are most likely using on a daily basis to talk to the people that matter to them most, their friends and family.
  • Secure – The WhatsApp business API has been developed to be secure for everyone – protecting businesses and end users alike. With steps in place to make sure message templates are approved before sending, that messages are encrypted from end to end and that there’s no duplication of phone numbers or accounts to cause confusion – it’s a safe place to be.
  • Relevant – No one wants information about football when they’re only interested in motorsport, which is why opt-in is a strict requirement for any messages sent on the WhatsApp platform. Getting opt-in means that all messages sent are relevant, it also results in a reduction in spam reports and annoyed customers.
  • Immediate – When that phone beeps, buzzes or pings you just have to look at it – there’s no escaping the fact that it demands instant attention. And it’s that reaction that can be leveraged when you put WhatsApp business to use. Customers respond to their mobile phone, it’s an extension to who they are and it’s always close at hand.
  • Rich – Let’s face it, when it comes to a simple notification, you are hard pushed to beat the good old text message, but what happens when that doesn’t cut it? When you want to include a photo or a video in the message, something that really speaks to your customer and starts a conversation - it has to be a rich message, and that’s exactly what WhatsApp business accounts can offer.
  • Conversational – WhatsApp is built for conversation, so when you’re looking to ‘speak’ to your customers it clearly has the upper hand. Built in indicators (the tick system) mean that you can easily track the status of messages and even see when a reply is being typed, perfect for starting a two-way, interactive conversation and keeping it going!

Learn more about the Sinch WhatsApp Business API.

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