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Businesses use authentication templates for verification purposes. When a message is sent using an authentication template, a new authentication conversation begins. These templates and conversations allow a business to send users one-time passcodes, and may be used in multiple steps of on authentication process.


This is the most restricted template category, and authentication template use-cases and structures are extremely well-defined. Specifically, businesses must use WhatsApp's predefined message templates when creating an authentication template. These predefined templates include:


  • A mandatory one-time password button
  • A 15 character limit on parameters
  • Optional add-ons, like security disclaimers


Note: Features available in other templates, like emojis or URLs, cannot be included in authentication templates. Media is also prohibited from authentication templates.


For more information on this template type, see the authentication templates section of WhatsApp's Guidelines for utility, authentication and marketing templates.

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