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Embedded signup is an SDK, provided by Meta, that enables a faster onboarding process, cutting lead time from days to minutes. You can manage Facebook and WhatsApp Business Accounts, manage WhatsApp Business profiles, and complete any requisite verification steps in one smooth process. 


Sinch offers direct enterprise customers (that is, customers that are using the API for their own brand) an embedded signup process on the Sinch Customer Dashboard


Note: Before you begin, ensure that you have a phone number available that can be used with your WhatsApp Business profile.


To use the embedded signup functionality:


  1. Navigate to the the Sinch Customer Dashboard:


    Click the WhatsApp tab.

  2. If you are a new user, you are immediately prompted to proceed through our WhatsApp onboarding wizard. Otherwise, click CREATE MORE BUSINESS PROFILES to initiate the wizard:


    Confirm that you have a phone number to use with your WhatsApp Business profile and click YES, I HAVE A NUMBER.

  3. The Login with Facebook section is displayed:


    Enter a Business display name and select a Region of deployment. Then, click LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK.

  4. The embedded signup window is displayed:


    From here, you are able to complete the embedded signup process. This process involves creating or selecting your Facebook Business Account and WhatsApp Business Account, creating or selecting your WhatsApp Business profile, and verifying the business phone number.

  5. Complete all the steps of the embedded signup process and any remaining steps of the onboarding wizard. Once you are done, your new WhatsApp sender identity is ready to use:


Together with the WhatsApp sample templates that are auto-provisioned to your account, you can start sending messages immediately!


Learn more about the Sinch WhatsApp Business API.

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