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In order to send product information using the WhatsApp channel of Sinch's Conversation API, you need to create a catalog using Meta's Commerce Manager. Note that, currently, Sinch's APIs only support the creation of Ecommerce catalogs. Once created, you'll need to add items to that catalog.


Note: It is your responsibility to create and maintain any product catalogs for use with Sinch's Conversation API. Also note that, if you are not using embedded signup, Sinch does not support  the use of Meta's Catalog Batch API to update connected catalogs at this time.


Meta must approve any item added to a catalog before you can send information regarding that item. Once Meta has approved an item, you can send messages that contain information about that item using Sinch's Conversation API. This is done by sending product list messages.


Additional information for customers not using embedded signup


If you are not using embedded signup, you'll need to ensure that Sinch has been provided the appropriate rights in order to send product and product list messages. Specifically, you'll need to ensure that Sinch has the Manage catalog permission.


Note: Generally, Sinch does not create or maintain product catalogs. Sinch only uses the Manage catalog permission to connect a new catalog to an available WhatsApp Business Account (WABA).


You grant the Manage catalog permission in Meta's Business Manager:




NoteThird-party user interfaces are subject to change at any time. Any screenshots of third-party user interfaces are included only as an aide, and may not represent the current version of the software or tool.


You can grant an individual Sinch employee (for example, someone on your implementation team) the Manage catalog permission, or you can grant it to Sinch as an organization. The appropriate course of action depends on your requirements and the parameters of your solution.


After permission has been granted, Sinch will connect the catalog with an available WABA and set the catalog to active on the WABA. Once the catalog is connected, and the items in the catalog have been approved by Meta, you can start sending product list messages on the WhatsApp channel of Sinch's Conversation API.

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