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Creating a WeChat Official Account is free. To create a free account, go to WeChat Official Accounts Platform and complete the described steps. Click here to learn more about the WeChat Official Accounts Platform.


Once you have created your WeChat Official Account, then you can start the verification process. To get your Service Account verified by authorized agency, account owner must have a legal business entity in China. Please ensure you have the required information ready - the information required for accounts certification includes:

  • Company Registration Certificate or Business License: Photo or scanned copy of the original, or the copy with the company seal on it after scanning.
  • Color scanned copies of both sides of the contact person’s ID card.
  • Application letter (simplified Chinese Application letter, traditional Chinese Application letter, English Application letter).
  • Phone bills of the contact person. If they are not available, then you can use a statement of their office telephone number (with the company seal on it) or a bank statement.
  • Other supporting material (if you choose to name after a trademark, please provide the right Trademark Registration Certificate or Trademark Authorization).

Once you have the required information, logon to the WeChat Official Accounts Platform, go to settings and you will find the WeChat Authentication where you can start the process. You will follow the steps and entered the information about your business.


Once you have submitted the above information, the review process normally takes about 10 business days.


Finally, you need to pay a yearly fee to complete the verification. As of Jan 2022, the yearly fee is 300RMB.


The Sinch Developer Documentation site contains comprehensive documentation and tutorials, which show you how we support WeChat through the Sinch Conversation API.

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