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Viber is an OTT messaging Channel, or "Chat App" owned by Rakuten. Viber also offers services for business messaging:

  • Viber Business Messaging lets you actively contact users who have opted-in using just a phone number with promotions or important notifications.
  • Viber Chatbots are customizable chatbots that you can plug into your messaging systems after building. You can reply to inbound messages or engage with existing users in a verified chat environment. 

As of January 2019, Viber has over 1 billion registered users, and 260 Million Monthly Active Users.

Viber is popular Predominantly in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Belarus, some parts of Asia:

  • Top Country is Ukraine with over 24% of the overall Viber traffic originating there.
  • 59% of Southeast Asia's Smartphone users have Viber installed.


Benefits of Viber

  • Interactive marketing - Viber Business Messages can contain up to 1000 characters of text, images, a link, and various types of files including instructions, warranty cards, etc. For example, brands can send invoices to customers, discuss the terms of the order, and solve customer queries, including receiving photos or videos from them, all in one chat.
  • Fair business pricing - Apart from being convenient for customers, Business Messages are also cost-effective for businesses: brands only pay for Business Messages that have been delivered rather than just sent ones.
  • SMS fallback for important messages - If a brand’s customers don't have internet access or the Viber app installed, they can still receive important and urgent messages with SMS fallback (using SMS as a backup option - delivering a message via SMS if delivery on Viber has failed).
  • Real-time analytics for your messenger marketing strategy - Companies can access a report on customer interaction with Business Messages in real time. 
  • Integration with CRM - Brands can easily integrate their CRM system with Viber Business Messages to save customer interaction history, analyze behavior and send useful and relevant personalized messages.

Learn more about Viber Business Messaging at Sinch.

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