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In order to complete Toll Free Verification, you must provide information to help identify the message sender, as well as ensure that there are proper measures in place to send compliant traffic. The business information provided should be for the end-user business, i.e., the information of the business with which the customer is engaging. 


The following data is required for Toll-Free Sender Verification:


  • Business Name* 
  • Corporate Website*
  • Business Address*
  • Business Compliance Contact*
  • Expected Message Volume
  • Phone numbers to be verified
  • Use Case
  • Use Case Description / Summary
  • Production Message Content
  • Opt-in Description
  • Opt-in Details (include link to, image of, or scanned copy of opt-in, if applicable)
  • ISV/Reseller (Optional)
  • Additional Supporting Details (Optional)

*All business information should correspond to the the end business, i.e., the true sender of the message or content creator.


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