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Telegram Bot channel enables communication with users of Telegram ecosystem through Conversation API. You need a Telegram Bot for integrating your Conversation API with Telegram.

If you don't already have one, follow the steps below to create a new Telegram Bot:


  1. You must have an active Telegram account which will be used to administer your new Bot. You already have an account if you have Telegram app installed and can sign in. Otherwise, download the Telegram app from the app store of your mobile device and create an account.

  2. Find BotFather in the Telegram app - type /start to get a full list of all commands:

    FAQ6 - Fig1.png

  3. Type /newbot and follow the onscreen instructions to create your Bot. Once your Bot is created, its token will be displayed. Please keep this token as it will be required later.

  4. To configure your Conversation API app with the Telegram channel, you can login to your account in Sinch Customer Dashboard. On the left menu, go to Conversation API, and choose Apps to either create “New App” or "SET UP CHANNEL" beside the Telegram channel. You will be asked to enter the token for your Telegram Bot.

If your app does not show the Telegram channel contact your Sinch Account Manager.

Read our Conversation API Getting Started Guide which takes you through all the different steps of creating your first app with Conversation API.


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