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To edit project details, go to Settings > Project > Project details.


  • Project name:
    Defines the internal name for this project. This name is used to identify this project within your account.
  • Information:
    Is a short description shown to the customer in the messenger apps if the customer clicks on the details of the business.
  • Privacy link:
    Is used by default in all situations where a privacy link is needed, such as in the promotion tools.
  • Time zone:
    Defines the main time zone in which your project lives. For example, impacts the automated absence message.
  • Main customer language:
    Defines the language spoken by your customers. This impacts, for example, the default start/stop messages. (Customers speaking a different language can also reach out to you).
  • Delete inactive customers (days):
    Defines after how many days your customers are automatically deleted if there is no activity between your business and the customer.
  • Disable bot:
    Defines if and when your bot is disabled automatically. This setting needs to be aligned with your general bot concept.
  • URL shortener active:
    If activated, all URLs you write in a one-on-one message or via newsletter are shortened automatically. This allows you to have shorter links and in Campaigns you can track how often this link was clicked by customers.
    You can also enter a tracking GET-parameter which is added to the shortened link.
  • Link preview active:
    Defines if a link preview is displayed. Note: Not all channels can create previews for links.


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