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Alphanumeric sender IDs are:

  • A combination of 11 letters (A-Z) and numbers (0-9)
  • Usually display a brand as the sender
  • Used mostly for 1-way traffic (when no response is required or expected)

Benefits of alphanumeric sender IDs

  • Build stronger customer relationships with improved communication
  • Encourage trust and loyalty with increased brand recognition
  • Boost in open rates thanks to enhanced message deliverability
  • Increased engagement thanks to personalized and relevant content
  • Cost-effective, quick, easy, and familiar way to reach customers.

Common alphanumeric sender ID use cases

  • 2FA – branded messages look authentic and add a sense of security for end-users
  • Delivery updates – customers appreciate tracking information from a brand they know
  • Promotions – boost brand awareness and help create awareness of special offers
  • Notifications – increase trust, encourage end-users to open messages quicker, and boost CR rates.

Read the Self-service alphanumeric sender ID registration process article to lean more.

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