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The process for vetting a US A2P based campaign changed in Q2 2019. WMC, the carrier selected partner managing the validation application, now includes a few additional data fields to help improve transparency, increase confidence in knowing the identity of the underlying message sender, and align the short code vetting program with other industry A2P messaging vetting processes. This information will assist various levels of the messaging ecosystem to more directly manage risk, which will ultimately result in our collective ability to reduce incidences of phishing, fraud, and malware and keep messaging channels pristine.


This form may be used for US Short Codes , Long Codes and Toll Free Nnumbers (TFN).


The new fields to be requested are as follows:

  1. Legal company name:

  2. Company URL(s):

  3. Contact Name:

  4. Contact Phone:

  5. Contact Email:

  6. Company physical address:

  7. FEIN - EIN:

  8. Stock symbol, if applicable:
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