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The Sinch Canadian Short Code Onboarding guide describes the process for onboarding Canadian short codes. (Steps for MMS provisioning added below)


The process can be summarized in 3 easy steps:


STEP 1 - Apply for the code by completing the CTA Common Short Code Application FormOr, download the PDF and submit it to


STEP 2 - Client provides payment via credit card or invoice to CTA to secure your application in time for the carrier deadlines.


STEP 3 - CA Service Implementation team will ensure deadlines are met, and program is ready for submission.


Timeline: 3-7 weeks end to end


Note: The deadline to submit application forms to the CTA is every Thursday at 1:00PM (ET). The carriers review Application Forms the following Tuesday and decide if they wish to participate in the Short Code program. 


Steps to get a Canadian Short Code provisioned for MMS:


STEP 1 - Complete a Common Short Code Application Form and ensure to complete the following sections for MMS:

  • Section 3.1 - Check off MMS as a Program Type, as well as any other applicable Program Types.
  • Section 3.4.1 - Describe how MMS will be used as part of the customer experience. A separate attachment should be included with sample MMS files related to the proposed customer experience.
  • Section 3.8
    • Message Volume Forecast - Provide an MMS-specific forecast:
      • Estimated number of subscribers receiving MMS/month x Estimated number of MMS sent per subscriber per month = Total est. MMS msgs/month
    • 'For MMS Programs' - Detail anticipated file types and sizes.

**NOTE**  If you are looking to add MMS to a live Canadian SMS SC, please add the above details to the approved application form.  If you do not have a copy of the approved application form, reach out to for assistance.


STEP 2 - Once the application is submitted to, it will be submitted to the carriers for review.


STEP 3 - If approved, the Short Code will be provisioned in alignment with the 2024 Short Code Provisioning and Migration Schedule.



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