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SMS is the most powerful communication channel for engaging your customers. In fact, people are 35x more likely to read a text message than an email. But even armed with that knowledge, starting with SMS can be tough. Compliance rules, like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) or requirements from industry regulators and wireless carriers, can complicate things.


Regardless, you need to take SMS compliance seriously. These rules protect customer data, privacy, and improve the overall customer experience. We get it – headaches aren’t fun, and we’re not fans either. At Sinch, simplicity is our thing. Our cloud communications platform, including SMS, makes reaching your audience easy. We’re here to help you send SMS the compliant way.


Note: We can’t give you legal advice. Talk to your legal team to see how these regulations apply to your specific business.


But we can simplify the basics and give you an overview of the rules, what they mean, and how to handle them.


The Sinch SMS US Compliance Guide covers:

  • TCPA and CTIA guidelines on consent and best practices
  • A2P vs P2P messaging
  • Sender IDs and number types
  • Consent management
  • SHAFT content
  • Carrier expectations - code of conduct, playbooks, and policies
  • Handy compliance self-checklist for you
  • And lots of additional resources.
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