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Sinch offers two options to service your existing numbers:

  • Hosted Messaging
  • Porting.


Hosted Messaging

If you intend to keep your voice service with your existing provider, then you can host your numbers for messaging with Sinch. You can host your numbers if they are already text enabled or, if not, Sinch can enable text messaging so you can send and receive messages on your voice-enabled numbers (including landline numbers). Hosting your numbers allows you to use Sinch text services and leave your voice services with your existing voice service provider.


To host your numbers with Sinch, we recommend you use the following automated process: Hosting SMS Numbers for US and Canada.



If you would like to use Sinch as your voice service provider (instead of your existing provider), then you need to port your numbers to Sinch. Porting your numbers will enable you to use both Sinch voice service and, if desired, text service for the ported numbers.


To port your numbers to Sinch, complete the Sinch Letter of Authorization for Local Number Porting and send to your Sinch Account Manager, or contact Sinch if you have any questions.


Note: If you want to port your number to Sinch for voice, and migrate your existing messaging service to Sinch, it is recommended to migrate messaging first, then port your number. This is because some providers will release a number for messaging if it has been ported for voice, which may disrupt your existing messaging service.

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