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Error codeDescription

Absent Subscriber

Subscriber handset not connected to the network. Likely turned off or outside the area of coverage.
150Unknown SubscriberThe MSISDN is not active with the carrier
300Invalid Destination AddressThe MSISDN does not exist
310Invalid Source AddressThe source address is not permitted. Refer to Country Information and local regulations
151Call BarredMessage rejected due to active barring by the end-user.
61Destination blockedAccount not permitted to reach the destination MSISDN
62Keyword blockedA phrase or word in the body of the message has been caught in the anti-spam filter
255Error, personal service barring, MT Personal Determined Barring Black ListThe end-user has opted out from receiving messages. Either all A2P messages or sender ID specific
212Equipment not short message equippedThe number cannot receive text messages, for example Data-SIMs
158Memory capacity exceededThe handset does not have sufficient free memory to accept the SMS
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