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What is Messaging Proxy 365?


Messaging Proxy 365 is a cloud-based service hosted and managed by Digital Interconnect. This service enables the splitting and routing of A2P and P2P messages to the appropriate platform for more accurate delivery to subscribers and invoicing of messaging traffic. Operators simply reroute messaging traffic to the cloud service and Digital Interconnect does the rest.


Diagram Sinch Messaging Proxy 365-01_1.jpgMessaging Proxy 365 helps operators simplify complexity and increase revenue. Because it is a managed, cloud-based service, Messaging Proxy 365 requires neither capital expenditure nor additional investment in networks or hardware. Operators only need to reroute traffic to the service, enabling them to derive additional value from existing assets with relative ease. It frees operators to focus resources – whether assets or employees – on daily operational tasks as well as higher-priority needs.


How does an Operator benefit from Messaging Proxy 365?

By accurately classifying and routing an operator’s A2P and P2P messages, Messaging Proxy 365 allows an operator to realize numerous benefits, including:

  • Maximized use of its existing infrastructure and network capacity
  • Improved revenue by optimizing existing messaging streams and closing revenue leaks
  • Increased monetization by bringing higher-quality traffic into its network, identifying and unblocking “illegitimate” P2P traffic, and properly routing it so it can capture its rightful revenue
  • Reducing complexity by connecting messaging streams to Digital Interconnect using existing points of contact for automated classification and routing of messages to the right platform for delivery
  • Faster time to value by leveraging a managed, cloud-based service that avoids additional capital expenditures and the commitment of internal resources to manage an on-premise solution
  • Increased visibility and control of messaging traffic with online reporting tools
  • Better long-term investment by adopting a future-proof platform that is supported and maintained by Digital Interconnect.

Learn more about Messaging Proxy 365.


Vesa Lindberg, Head of Product Management, Operator Services