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If a user turns off the Caller ID on their mobile phone and sends a MO through Digital Interconnect platform, will the MSISDN be seen in the MO?



The Caller ID feature is only available in ordinary voice calls, and NOT in SMS messages. Therefore, regardless of whether the Caller ID feature is turned on or off on the mobile phone, the MSISDN will always show up in the MO.


To test this, take the following steps:


  1. Turn Caller ID off (hidden) on you mobile phone and then call another mobile phone near you. In the display of the receiving phone it will show <unknown> or <hidden> or similar.
  2. Without changing the caller ID settings, send an MO from your phone to the receiving phone. You will see that your MSISDN (or what the phone has associated your MSISDN to) is displayed with the SMS.

Note: That if you are present in the receiving phones address book, then your name will show in the display, but that is only because your phone knows who your MSISDN belongs to.

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