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NG SMPP customers can send and receive MT and MO traffic encoded in either the Default GSM character set or Latin1 character set (ISO/IEC 8859-1).


Digital Interconnect SMPP support for latin1

The NG SMPP account can be configured to use either the Default GSM character set or the Latin1 character set. If you wish to use the Latin1 character set to send and receive MT / MO traffic, you will not be able to use the default GSM characters, and you will still be required to send the correct DCS value to the Digital Interconnect NG SMPP platform for each character set.


If you choose to send traffic using the Latin1 character set, the Digital Interconnect NG SMPP Swiftlet servers will decode the Latin1 MT messages sent by your platform or encode the MO messages into Latin1 for delivery to your platform. The setting is account specific and will not affect any of your other accounts binding from the same IP address.


If you want to provision your account to use Latin1 encoding it is recommended that you discuss the requirement with your Account Manager.



  • This feature is available on the NG SMPP accounts on port 6xxxx range and does not apply to any legacy SMPP accounts or for HTTP accounts.
  • No character encoding changes will be made to any of the Character Mappings used to support this feature.

Refer to the MT and MT Mapping File and Characters not in the DGCS document for details of the mappings for MT and MO and the Characters not in DGCS.

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