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DB62 is a SMS 365, enterprise service status code meaning ‘Rejected by operator’ or ‘Out of coverage’, which indicates that the end-user is currently out of their network operator coverage zone or has been rejected.


Possible Reasons for a DB62 response


There are a number of reasons why the DB62 status code is returned, some of which along with the actions that should be taken, are detailed below:





End User

The end user is temporarily un-reachable as they are not correctly on their operator network.

The end-user should ensure that there is sufficient network coverage available to their handset to receive SMS MT messages.

End User

The end user’s SIM card is full, and no further SMS MT messages can be delivered

The end user should ensure that any unwanted SMS MT messages are removed to resume SMS MT delivery.


MT messages which return a DB62 response can be escalated to the Service Desk for further clarity, if the MT message was submitted with a handset acknowledgement request.

Raise a single user issue (SUI) ticket to the Service Desk (SD), detailing the OrderID, MSISDN and date/time the MT message was sent, so that the SD team can investigate.


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