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RBM stands for RCS Business Messaging. RBM agents communicate with users through messages, events, and requests to achieve your business goals. Whether those goals are simple (such as sending delivery notifications) or complex (such as booking a flight), agents use rich cards, media, and suggestions to guide users through conversations that satisfy user and agent needs.


Your RBM agent initiates conversations with users. Users can't start conversations with your agent, but once the agent starts a conversation, the user can reply at any time. Your agent sends the first message when it receives an external trigger that you configure. A trigger can be anything and depends on your agent's use case.



What can you do with RBM?


RBM supports many uses cases and has a lot of advanced functionality for business messaging:

  • Send messages directly to your customers or employees via RCS - with your brand as the verified sender.
  • Communicate with your customers, share text messages, images, videos and more. RCS supports diverse content.
  • Improve your customer service and use RCS as a chatbot channel! This will make your customer service more efficient.
  • Use chat as a sales channel for your products and services - interactive and close to your customers.

For more information on RCS, visit the Sinch RCS product page.

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