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Sinch Conversation API allow you send messages across multiple messaging channels. Once you have configured all your channels, you can reorder the channels according to your preferences and priorities. Learn more about the value of prioritizing your channels.


To reorder your conversation channels, take the following steps:


  1. Log in to the Sinch Customer Dashboard.

  2. Select Conversation API from the left menu and select the Apps option. The Conversation Apps page is displayed and your available apps will be displayed in the Apps section:


    Note: Select the appropriate Project ID if you have more than one.

  3. Select the app for which you would like to reorder the channels. The App page is displayed: 


    Scroll down to the Set up channels section and click REORDER to drag and drop the channel order.

    Click SAVE to save your preferences.
Visit the Sinch Documentation site to learn more about how we support these channels.
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