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Sinch supports the following MMS API that will allow you to add MMS capabilities to your campaigns:



The MMS industry standard protocol for applications to submit MMS messages to an MMSC. MM7 is an XML/SOAP based API where the MMS message is formatted in a MIME encoded XML document and posted to the server using an HTTP POST.

View MM7 API Documentation


Simple yet resourceful Sinch API where you can send MMS by simply making HTTP POST request to our API URL. Allows you to send your Multimedia content as Media URL in the Slide Parameter.

Provides the option to upload and save MMS content which is more powerful and better suited for sending large campaign blasts. 

View HTTP XML API Documentation


Sinch only offers MMS in select countries. Please contact Sinch if you are interested in this service to ensure coverage in your market.


For more information, look at the Sinch MMS product page.

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