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Message size limits vary according to the type of message content and by account type and contract and carrier max allowed size and API used.


The table below shows you the maximum MMS API upload sizes for the various supported content types:


With Transcoding The below Limits applies to XML and JSON clients with Optimised Account type with transcoding ON

MMS Image

3000 KB


1024 KB

MMS Audio

10000 KB

MMS Video

50000 KB

MMS Text size 

5000 characters

MMS Object 

2048 KB - saveMMS/sendMMS API

No Transcoding - The below Limits applies to XML clients Optimised Account type with transcoding OFF and all MM7 API clients. 

MMS Image

1000 KB

MMS Audio

1000 KB

MMS Video

1000 KB


Important Notes:

  • The final size of Base64-encoded binary data is equal to 1.37 time the original data size. Binary content encoded with Base64 produces a larger file size. 
  • May change based on future changes by the carriers. 

Visit the Sinch MMS product page to learn more about the Sinch MMS API.

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